Who am I

Nemanja Aleksić

Growth Engineer

Devana Technologies


Who am I

So you managed to find my website, congratulations! I’m Nemanja Aleksić, welcome to my personal blog. I’ve been putting off the idea of starting my own blog for too long, which is kinda ridiculous since I’ve been writing on other people’s blogs and magazines for years. So finally this website came into fruition. Just don’t tell anyone who knows about me personally about it.

My Background

I’m an IT veteran with over a decade of experience in the ICT field. I started messing around with the computers on my friend’s ZX Spectrum way back before I even started going into elementary school. My very own first computer was Commodore 128 – a piece of art if you ask me.

Growing up as a geek surrounded by computers and other geeks help me understand the interaction between humans and machines and how it can be improved. This skill has is currently being put to use in Devana Technologies, where I work as an analyst and growth researcher.

In my spare time I focus on my family – my awesome wife, baby boy and a german boxer. From time to time I manage to squeeze a TED or WordPress translation, do a little side project on web development, and travel.


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