Wapuujlo is the Official WordCamp Belgrade Mascot

What started off as a idea being thrown around the office has finally been realized: meet our version of Wapuu, the mascot of the Japanese WordPress community.


I liked what the WordCamp London team did with their punk Wapuu, so I sat down with a friend of mine and came up with a true Serbian version of the Wapuu; Our little guy is sporting a šajkača, the traditional head gear of the common folk worn back in the day, representing the WordPress mission of publishing democratization. He’s also hugging a plum, the national symbol of prosperity and unity, and if you’ve ever visited Serbia, you’ll know that plums are used to make šljivovica, the national drink that knocked many of you off your feet ;)

There will be stickers, magnets and whatnot. Make sure you grab yours on WordCamp Belgrade this April!

Update: Some of you asked me to upload to GitHub. I’ll do that as soon as I have some spare time, in the meantime you can download the vector PDF from the link below:

Wapuujlo PDF download


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