I hate blogging.

I think it’s stupid for me to blog since I am not a CEO, an innovator, or a master storyteller.

At least that’s what I thought until I ran into Chris Lema’s article a while back. It listed the reasons why I never started to blog, and it really hit home. No one will want to read my blog. I’ve got nothing to say. I might say something wrong. I’m not a writer. So I made a mental exercise of explaining all of these excuses to myself.

No one will want to read my blog

Well, this will very much be the outcome. At least for now. But you know, the only bad thing that might come out of it is a feeling of irrelevance. But you know what? This blog will not define who I am. I’ve got an amazing family; a beautiful and very loud baby boy; awesome friends and a challenging job. Worst case scenario will be that my kids would laugh their collective asses off two decades from now.

You know what else might happen? People might start reading my blog. They will find it interesting. They will find it useful. Now that’s worth getting worked up about :)

I’ve got nothing to say

I used to think that if I feel I don’t have anything to say, I might as well shut up. It’s actually my second week at ManageWP that changed this. We had a big meeting where we needed to pitch a proposal to a major client; we played around with a couple of ideas until our CEO looked at me and asked me “What do you think?”. Now, we ain’t no Apple or Amazon, but bear in mind that I was the new guy, still on trial, and a successful entrepreneur in a room full of experts is asking me for my opinion. So I stood up, walked up to the whiteboard and explained my idea. 30 minutes later I find I’ve been CC’ed in the proposal to the client. And in the email? My proposal.

That was the moment I realized I’m selling myself short. Everybody’s got something to say, even you! Just figure out what you know about and what you can be confident about.

I might say something wrong

Actually, I don’t have a problem with this one. As long as I am prepared to own up my mistakes and learn from them, I’ll be OK.

I’m not a writer.

It’s true, I’m not. But I know a bit of writing. I actually loved the rare times in elementary school when we were allowed to choose what we’ll write about. I also wrote game reviews for a couple of magazines back in the day. So I can put together a coherent sentence, but what about inspiration? I’ll quote Stephen King: “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

If you don’t like blogging, that’s OK. If you don’t have the time to do it, that’s still OK. But being scared is no excuse – get up and get to work.

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