The ManageWP Orion Dev Diary #3 is Out

Last night I’ve published the third installment of the Orion Dev Diary. It’s focused on our brand new backup solution, powered by Hibernation technology that our team developed, and it’s gonna ROCK!   I’ve found that writing Dev Diaries gives me a lot of satisfaction; I’m able to cover a subject that has not been mentioned before, […]

Don’t Let an Email Signature Ruin Your Business

A while back my company finally decided to have uniform signatures, so we did what every responsible company does – we handed the task over to an intern. It was bad. So bad that I’m too ashamed to show it to you. It was The Homer of email signatures This got me thinking of all the times […]

Wapuujlo Featured in WP Tavern

Sarah Gooding, the WP Tavern editor reached out with a few questions about Wapuujlo. The little dude is getting traction :) WP Tavern: Meet Wapuujlo, Official Mascot of WordCamp Belgrade In case you live in a hole in the ground without an Internet connection, WP Tavern is one of the most active websites focused on […]

Wapuujlo is the Official WordCamp Belgrade Mascot

What started off as a idea being thrown around the office has finally been realized: meet our version of Wapuu, the mascot of the Japanese WordPress community.   I liked what the WordCamp London team did with their punk Wapuu, so I sat down with a friend of mine and came up with a true […] gostujući post na temu ManageWP Orion tehnološkog stacka

Ekipa sa se zainteresovala za tehnološki stack koji smo iskoristili za Razvoj ManageWP Oriona, nove iteracije servisa za upravljanje flotom WordPress sajtova, pa mi je ukazana velika čast da za njihov blog napišem članak na ovu temu. Hint za suviše lenje da kliknu na link ispod: AngularJS + Symfony + kreativnost = Win! Najnovijim tehnologijama do prednosti […]